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1.5TWire type industrial and mining electric locomotive
1.5TWire type industrial and mining electric locomotive
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First, the brief introduction and the function characteristic

1.5 ton wire locomotive is the old model of wire locomotive 1.5 ton, now called CJY1.5 ton mine wire locomotive.

Traction voltage of 1.5 ton wire locomotive can be divided into 100V and 250V, which adopts resistance speed regulation or IGBT speed regulation. Its structure has inside frame, outside frame two kinds. Its features: stable operation, flexible, easy to operate, less maintenance and easy to repair. Using brake or electric brake, braking effect is good.

Ii. Working process of 1.5t wire locomotive

After the high voltage alternating current is reduced and rectified by the traction transformer, the positive pole is connected to the overhead line and the negative pole to the rail. The pantograph on the locomotive contacts the overhead line, introduces the current into the car, and then enters the traction motor through the air automatic switch, controller and resistance box to drive the motor to run. The electric motor drives the wheel through the transmission device, thus the traction train runs. The electricity from the motor flows back to the transformer through the track.

Iii. Operating environment of 1.5t narrow gauge electric locomotive

1, the ambient air temperature is 40℃*** low is -25℃.

2, the relative humidity of the air is no more than 90%, and the average low temperature of the month is no more than 25℃.

Note: locomotive traction force is determined according to the adhesion coefficient between wheel and rail.

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